Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

White Cockatoo

This is a simple sketch of Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita) that I saw in the jungle of West Papua when I guided tourists from The United Kingdom. Local people call it Kakaktua Putih (meaning White Cockatoo) or Buring Yakop (Jacop bird).

Cockatoo like to sit on the branches of a tree early in the morning when they have just woken up. They flap their wings, move or climb to higher branch and make screeching sounds. When one of them flies, they others will follow and together they will make noisy sounds in the sky.
It is not only cockatoo that I and the tourists saw while walking in the jungle. we also saw Papuan hornbills (Rhyticeros plicatus), Eclectus Parrot (Eclectus rotatus), Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus), and Willie Wagtail.
If you like birdwatching, seeing beautiful nature and are interested in making sketches or taking pictures of birds, butterflies, flowers and the surrounding scenery while traveling, you can contact me to be your guide and sketching mate. This is my e-mail: leororing@gmail.com

Sabtu, 11 Februari 2017

Reclining Nude Girl in Digital Colors

When drawing human figure, I like to use pencil and paper. But I like to try new things such as using tablet and stylus. I have made digital artworks of hibiscus and grass flowers. The process is very similar to using pencil and paper. However, I consider drawing or sketching on flat glass screen of a tablet is more difficult. The sizes of my Samsung Galaxy Tab A and its stylus are small. I also have to adapt myself with the hard glass surface of my tablet that is slippery.
With a lot of efforts, trial and error, I created the following Reclining Nude Girl with digital colors.
The drawing is not perfect. I need more practice to make my drawings look more attractive.
If you want to give any comments or suggestions, just send your message to my email: leororing@gmail.com. You could also use whatsapp to: +6281332245180.

Kamis, 08 Desember 2016

Bush Flowers from the Jungle of West Papua

Here are small flowers that I saw in the bush while walking with some European tourists in the jungle. As a tourist guide, I often run rainforest tours for visitors who are interested in seeing flowers, butterflies, birds, beetles, and unique plants.
Bush Flowers from in the forest of West Papua
The duration of the rainforest tours is between 3 to 4 days with visitors staying in tents or huts in the jungle. The most favorite destination for tourists is Klasow valley located in the east of Sorong regency. There are wild flowers in the jungle but there are also flowers that were planted by the villagers.
Visitors can watch birds such as sulphur crested cockatoo, Lesser Birds of Paradise (Paradisaea minor), Pinon Imperial Pigeon (Ducula pinon) hornbills (Rhyticeros plicatus), Large Fig Parrot, and a lot more.
At night, visitors can join with me on a night walk to see wallaby. It is a kind of kangaroo but has got smaller body.
In addition to birds and wallaby, the tropical rainforest of Klasow valley is the natural habitat of a lot of species of butterflies, some that I know are Blue Mountain Swallowtail (Papilio ulysses), Meadow Argus (Junonia villida), and Cruiser Butterfly (Vindula arsinoe) and Birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera priamus).
If you are interested in taking rainforest tour in Klasow valley and need me as your guide, please, contact me by email to: peace4wp@gmail.com.
I will be happy to organize your trip and guide you into the jungle.

Minggu, 04 Desember 2016

Digital Illustration of Rainforest Flower

I often go to the rainforest in West Papua to guide tourists for 3 to 5 days to watch birds and other wild animals. I also saw various species tropical rainforest flowers which I could not identify their species names. One of them is shown below.
I created the digital illustration of the flower using Freehand MX, a vector drawing software from Macromedia which is now in the hands of Adobe. Unfortunately, it not updated anymore.
I use Inkscape to create my vector illustration. It is powerful and free. But now I prefer to create digital artworks on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A with Sketchbook Pro as choice for drawing application.
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Jumat, 02 Desember 2016

Purple Flower

I have just finished my newest drawing tonight about two purple flowers that I often saw while walking around my neighborhood. Because their sizes are small, they are not considered as important as roses whose plants are higher.
People here may also consider this flower plant as grass.
However, I believe that they are so beautiful especially if I make a drawing of the flowers using my Samsung Tab A with S-pen. I used Autodesk Sketchbook to make it. I am happy to see the result. I hope that you also like this digital artwork.
Well, I often see the flowers when I guide European and American tourists in the jungle of Tambrauw mountains. During the tour, we see birds such as sulphur crested cockatoo, hornbills, frigate birds, eclectus parrot. We see unique bush flowers, orchids and plants of the tropical forest. We also swim in the fresh water river and build tents deep in the jungle.
I still do not know the species name of this flower plant. If you know it, please, contact me by e-mail to: peace4wp@gmail.com. Or if you are interested in taking rainforest tour in West Papua, particularly in Arfak mountains, Tambrauw mountains or Klasow valley, you can also send email me.
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Sabtu, 26 November 2016

Drinking Nectar

Drinking Nectar
Here is a sketch of butterfly and hibiscus flower that I have just created while waiting for boarding time at Rendani Airport of Manokwari city. I was going to Sorong city by Sriwijaya Air. According to the schedule, the plane would leave at 9.30. So, I pulled the stylus pen of my tablet and started to draw.
I had not finished when the call for boarding came out of the loudspeaker in the waiting room.
When I was inside the plane, I still continued drawing this sketch but as the stewardesses started to demonstrate how to use lifejacket, I turned off my tablet and fastened my seat belt.
The flight duration between Manokwari and Sorong was 40 minutes. Shortly after I came out of the passenger terminal in Sorong city, I did not leave the airport. I decided to continue my drawing at a seat outside the building.
Now, it is ready as you can see the Butterfly (perhaps Ornitopthera priamus) and Red Hibiscus Flower on this post.
I saw the butterfly when I was guiding a British tourist who wanted to see tropical flowers in the rainforest of Manokwari. I guided her into the jungle of Arfak mountains to see orchids, and rhododendron flowers. She took a lot of pictures of the flowers for one week before flying back to her country - the United Kingdom.
Well, if you are interested in traveling to Manokwari to see flowers in the coastal areas and in Arfak mountains, and need me as your guide, please, contact me by email to: peace4wp@gmail.com

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Jumat, 25 November 2016

Anggi Lakes of Arfak Mountains

Lake Anggi Giji
In my previous sketch about the Traditional House of Arfak Tribes, I said that I visited Anggi Lakes. They were very beautiful. Perhaps, you want to know they look like. Well, Google could help you find them.
I have just finished a sketch of one of the two lakes. Its name is Lake Anggi Giji or Lake Man. I stayed there for a few nights in the traditional houses of Sougb tribe. They were very friendly to me and my friends. It was very cold over there. And there were a lot of colorful flowers along the shores of the lakes as well as on top of the mountains that surround the lakes.
If you are interested in visiting the lakes and need me as your guide, please, contact me by email to: peace4wp@gmail.com